Federico is now the Drummer of Sezessionville Road

We are so pleased to announce the addition of our drummer Federico... gifted with not only touch and skill, but with insightful heart.

In the attempt to put a band together, there are so many aspects that require addressing.  Not only does it involve skill, talent, and the ability to keep time... but equally important, at least in this day and age, is the connection between the band members.  When I say "this day and age", I'm referring to the fact that much of the mainstream music isn't concerned with actual connection, vibe, feel.... our mainstream media has made it precedent that we, as humans, function on a very superficial level.  I'm sure this isn't new to any of you, and yet it must be directly said.  When DD and I began our search for a bass player and drummer, we made it paramount that even if the skill was there, if the heart didn't show up... we couldn't form a band around such lack.  By setting this intention from the beginning... our focus was clear and without compromise.  And somehow, magically one could say, Lucas and Federico appeared.  So the addition of these two members is not just some sort of benefit to us...  to have spent time with these men, to have them share their hearts and minds, along with their musical talent, it is a recognition of the gifts that life is always offering up if we simply allow.  And no, the future has no written pattern of certainty, but what I can say, that at least for this moment, there has been experience of comradery, a connection beyond language and patterned thought, a connection that dwells in the unspoken aspect that music provides.  I know with our fast paced world these days, such value isn't held in high regard.  But for those of us who choose to spend time in the forest, to rest amongst the silence, to dive deep within our self consciousness... it means so much more than any word can express.  This is the music of Sezessionville Road.  And I have no doubt, with the completeness of this band, a sharing will occur that every single one of us has been starving for.  This is our service, our gift.. to you, to the world.  

Stay tuned. 

With love, as unconditional as we can provide in a real way....

Surf Cavalier